I am a problem-solver who gets all the feels from creating solutions and helping you.

What's in a title? If you need some, I'm an educator, consultant, event producer, writer, scientist, would-be stylist, sometimes photographer, INFP, and friend who gives sound advice. 

A former practicing scientist (biochemist to be exact), I've found a sweet spot in higher education. I constantly ramble and consume information on personal development, and I infuse that in my advising and teaching style.

I also spend a significant amount of time producing, creating, and talking about creative projects and ideas. You may be here because of my involvement in some. No boxes here, it's all me.

I like when things are well done and done right. I strive for innovation and good taste. 

I spend my days as a career advisor helping graduate students get it together academically and brand and market themselves professionally. I specialize in doing this with students in the sciences, especially non-traditional and under-represented students. I'm pretty good at it. (Did you need some help?)

My goals this year are:

  • To teach more classes and workshops centered around personal and career development
  • To help more consulting clients
  • To produce small events geared toward personal and career development, and nuanced issues for diverse creatives
  • To launch several small projects and fail as much as possible 

Need my help? Interested in working with me?